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Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 12:06 pm :: hmm ::
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No one has entered anything as yet. So I will.

Title: Arthur
Pairing: Lucius/Arthur
Rating: PG-15
Notes: This story is a humour/romance between Lucius and Arthur, I have been a (strange) fan of theirs for many months now, and as no one really writes this pairing, I thought I would write this story.

Lucius looked at his watch, apprehensively. Tonight was the night. He was meeting Arthur, who was spending time with his children as part of his weekly visit. Arthur had left Molly for Lucius only five months ago (after a ten month relationship), which left his children both disturbed and horror-struck with their father. Lucius explained to Arthur that with time, they would learn to understand, and if not, they would do what Draco did, and wear a brown paper bag over his head in shame when out-and-about in Diagon Alley.

Both men had filed for divorce from their wives; they didn’t feel right about cheating, whatever the popular belief of a Malfoy was. Though thanks to Lucius’ money and Arthur social status in the Ministry, they had all the paperwork moved forwards and were able to untie any bonds they had with the women sooner than they had hoped.

However, Lucius had another reason for hurrying the divorce from Narcissa along. Albus Dumbledore, or ‘Brian’ as his close male friends call him, had helped pass a new law in the Wizarding World, that allowed the marriage of same-sex Wizards and Witches throughout the British Isles.

It was only last week that Lucius had attended his ex-wife’s cousin; Sirius Black’s beautiful wedding to Werewolf Remus Lupin. They had married on a beautiful hilltop near Edinburgh; it was a small ceremony, only friends and family (family being Harry, Tonks and Andromeda).

Arthur had gone through three packs of Muggle tissues.

“Mister Malfoy.”

Lucius snapped out of his daydream and looked up at the waiter who had spoken to him.

“Yes?” Lucius asked.

“Everything is set for you,” the waiter assured him.

“Thank you,” Lucius said importantly.

The waiter bowed deeply and returned to his podium by the entrance of the restaurant.

Lucius hastily picked up his folded napkin and wiped his brow; he was going to propose to Arthur tonight at dinner and wanted everything to be perfect. Lucius returned his napkin to its place by his water glass and allowed himself a fleeting glance at the front doors. A watched door never opens.

Just as he tore his eyes away from the door, he heard it open and saw Arthur walk in.

Arthur was wearing a long scarlet coat, which was speckled with snow from outside. Arthur patted his coat with his gloved hands, before removing the coat to reveal his long auburn dress robes. Arthur looked up and saw Lucius looking at him, grinning.

Arthur walked over to Lucius’ table, as he did so; Lucius stood up and met him half way. Lucius pressed his lips against Arthur’s as they returned to Lucius’ table. Arthur folded his coat over the back of his chair and took a seat.

A waiter strode over to their table, carrying two menus for each of the men. They took the menus, thanked the waiter (who they learnt was called Nicolas), and looked through the wide selection of fine foods and wines. After a few minutes, Arthur said,

“Number three.”

And on his plate appeared lamp chops with freshly steamed vegetables.

“Number six,” Lucius said after Arthur, watching as beef-stew appeared on his plate with a side order of chips and baked beans. “Would you like to share the chips?” he asked Arthur, moving the basket to the middle of the table.

“Yes, thank you,” Arthur said, smiling as he took a chip and popped it into his mouth.

Just as Arthur had swallowed, another waiter advanced over to them, pushing a cart with a bucket on top, containing a bottle of champagne, over to them. The waiter bowed as he left.

“Oh Lucius, champagne, are we celebrating?” Arthur asked, grinning broadly, as he watched Lucius tap his wand on the top of the bottle, and then pulling out the cork with ease.

“Well I don’t know yet,” Lucius said slyly, pouring a glass for Arthur and himself.

“What are you up to?” Arthur asked, starting on his dinner.

Lucius simply tapped his nose and started on his own dinner.

After a delicious meal, Arthur excused himself to the ‘little boy’s room’, while Lucius finished the last bite of his stew, swallowing roughly, full of nerves. He calculated that in less than five minutes, he would be proposing to Arthur, a scary thought.

A waitress with long brown hair cleared the plates away at the table, asking if Lucius would like anything else before dessert, he merely shook his head; he would be surprised if he could keep his dinner down with anxiety.

It was good timing for Arthur, as just as he was making his way over to the table; the dessert (two slides of fudge cake) had been set down for them. Licking his lips, Arthur sat down and picked up his fork. “Oh Lucius, you know this will go straight to my thighs, you are naughty.” He winked.

“Well, we are eating out, so there is the exception to the rule,” Lucius explained, looking down at his own fudge cake, feeling his stomach turn over. He laughed shorted, Lucius Malfoy not wanting to have fudge; it was like Arthur’s children not having the trademark red-hair.

“What’s so funny?” Arthur asked, looking up at Lucius who had not realised he had laughed aloud.

“Eh -” Lucius thought, thinking quickly. His eyes rested on Arthur’s cheek, which had some of the cream from the cake on it. He smiled and lent over the table, wiping the cream away. “You seemed to have missed your mouth.”

Arthur blushed at Lucius, who was looking at him with complete admiration. Arthur noticed Lucius had not wiped his finger yet, and lent forwards, taking the finger in his mouth, licking over the cream with his tongue. He saw Lucius close his eyes, a look of bliss passing over his handsome face.

When Arthur had released Lucius’ finger, he smiled and started on the cake, his mouth watering at the smell and his groin twitching at the memories of the creamy afters. He dug the fork into the soft piece and before he had the chance to put it in his mouth, he noticed something metal hanging off the fork.

Lucius took an intake of breath as Arthur wiped the ring clear, looking over the diamonds. Arthur looked up at Lucius, his expression mixed with disbelief and bewilderment.

“Lucius what?”

“Arthur,” Lucius said, taking hold of Arthur’s hands. “I want … I want you for my wife,” he finished.

Arthur looked outraged. “Well your wife can’t have me! How dare you make such a suggestion!” Arthur exclaimed.

Lucius, taken aback said, “No love, you misunderstand me, I want to marry you.”

This statement caused Arthur to look not only embarrassed, but also suddenly very happy. Lucius saw tears brim in Arthur’s eyes as he looked at the ring in his hand. Lucius’ thumb brushed over the hand with the ring in it as he waited an answer.

“I can’t think of anyone else I would rather marry,” Arthur said, the brimming tears finally falling down his cheeks as Lucius, beaming with happiness, took the ring from Arthur’s hand and put it on his finger.

The two men, beaming with pride, bliss and excitement, kissed, paid for their dinner and hurried home, the fudge cake in a ‘take home’ bag, ready to celebrate.

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