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Tie The Knot

The Slashy Wedding Challenge

Tie The Knot: A Slashy Marriage Challenge
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In celebration of the U.S. Senate's recent blow to the Marriage Amendment, as well as a showing of support to those who continue to fight for the right to same-sex marriages, we present - The Slashy Marriage Challenge.

The basic idea will be to write a fic or create a piece of art that involves a same-sex marriage. Any rating, any fandom, any ideas you might have! Just tell a story that proves that a marriage can be a wonderful thing - no matter who the bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride...

When your fic/art is finished, please post it to the community with the following headers:


Also, please note if it is a fandom other than Harry Potter.

The last day to submit work is September 30. Sometime between now and hopefully when the first piece is submitted, I'll create a web archive to house all of them.